About Fuel Catering

Fuel Catering is a family run business located in Surrey, BC. We have been making healthy eating fun and easy since 2006.

We provide affordable, nutritious and delicious school lunches that meet the Nutritional Guidelines for Food and Beverages Sales in BC schools.

We specialize in preparing food for schools and provide premium customer care and service, including one on one lunch planning and coaching.

We will be glad to share our experience and nutrition knowledge with you to help you and your school develop an efficient and successful program.

We develop and have effective systems that can help get your program from the ground up.

From building menus to training your parent volunteers, we are happy to help make sure your lunch program is smooth, easy, stress free and most importantly a success!

We not only encourage schools to take a holistic approach to lunch and learning, we also help make it easy to do so with the help of our knowledgeable staff.

By providing wholesome, delicious, nutritionally balanced lunch options, we take learning about nutrition off the page and put it on the plate!

We offer flexible online ordering which you can use for other applications at your school such as chocolate, plant or other sales, etc., you are not locked in to just using Fuel Catering. This system will save you hours of time, ensure accuracy and give you the freedom to maximize  your hot lunch and fundraising needs by easily adding dates.

Our lunches are renowned for being individually and accurately packed by class, teacher or division, and delivered hot and on-time! Simply contact us to set up your program.


Fuel Catering will take all the necessary measures, plans and protocols set out by Work Safe BC and Fraser Health including wearing masks and gloves for food delivery ensuring our clients that we are doing everything possible to make sure food arrives and is delivered safely to all our school clients.

We deliver to public and private schools in all districts across the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley and are continually growing each year making us the #1 choice preferred caterer for school hot lunch programs!

No. The choice is actually the PAC’s! Each of our clients are unique in that they understand the demographics of what the children would most likely prefer to eat.

We do however offer easy to use menu themes that a lot of our current clients like to use, however the choice is still yours. We offer 6 different themes. Schools have the option of offering 1 theme per day or mix and match up to 2 themes per day.

We simply ask to limit the items so that it remains as easy and smooth as possible resulting in minimal to no errors.

We would be happy to share our knowledge and experience with you to help you develop a menu that will please all your students.

Simply call us at 778-866-3835 and one of our Fuel Catering representatives will be happy to help put together a successful menu that fits for your school.

In our Fraser Health and City of Surrey licensed commercial kitchen in Surrey, BC. Our meals are prepared and cooked fresh by our quality Food Safe Certified kitchen team. Our facility is also nut free. 

Every meal is portioned individually, sealed and labelled using food quality compostable and/or biodegradable packaging. We deliver products in specially engineered thermal containers, which keep foods hot or cold, ensuring food safe temperatures are always met. Both hot and cold foods are separated by division in their own designated container, labelled with the division number and number of items ordered. 

There is no bulk sorting required by volunteers at the school unless otherwise requested. Every cold container comes packed with everything a student needs to eat their lunch.

Our kitchen is a nut free facility and our recipes are all Nut Free*

*Please note: We cannot guarantee that any food ingredients from an outside source have not been exposed to nuts. Furthermore we literally leave the food in the hands of volunteers, teachers, lunchtime monitors, students, etc., who might unknowingly have been exposed to nuts beforehand. Because of this, we recommend students with mild to severe allergies not to order.

Yes! We provide affordable meals which leave room for schools to profit from fundraising. We also provide a number of incentives and special offers. Contact us at 778-866-3835 for more information!

Yes! We provide a complete solution to your hot lunch needs.

With our easy to use online ordering program and our well organized deliveries we can cut the number of volunteers and hours down considerably.

Although it is still preferred that you have some involvement, we can also manage the entire program.

Simply fill out the form on our contact us page or call us directly at 778-866-3835 to book your dates. It’s that easy!

When you sign up with Fuel Catering, we will provide you with all the information you need regarding ordering deadlines, policies, and payment options.

Yes! We created Fuel Catering to meet just that need. Our recipes are created by our Executive Chef and meet all of the guidelines.

The Guidelines were created in 2005 and updated in 2013. They were revised with a 2015 edition to recognize and address four key facts:

  1. Students, on an average school day, consume about one third of their calories at school and a significant amount of those calories are purchased on site*;
  2. Good nutrition is important for healthy growth and development in children and can reduce risk of health problems in later years*;
  3. Healthy children learn better*;
  4. Schools can directly influence student’s health.*

The goal of the Guidelines is to improve the choices offered within the school setting so that it is easy for students to make healthy choices on a routine basis. The food environment influences our purchasing and consumption habits. The Guidelines provide schools, and food/beverage providers within schools, with a standard for decision-making.*

For more information please  view The Guidelines for Food and Beverage Sales in BC Schools in its entirety.

*A direct quote from The Guidelines for Food & Beverage Sales in BC School

For product recalls (that are related to what Fuel Catering uses) our company will post a notification on our website with proper links to Health Canada, government website, and/or the product companies website for more information.

Parents and faculty can obtain product recall information on
1.) Fuel Catering website.
2.) Our online ordering website (here we will send an email notification to all registered users of product recalls related to only the products that Fuel Catering uses). We then explain our course of action ie. discontinue use of the recalled product and/or use an alternative product.

Yes! Our focus is to provide wholesome healthier options for your catering needs. Contact us for menu ideas and a quote.

Yes we are! Fuel Catering is already prepared to help make your event successful and safe. We currently offer delivery and present your menu selections beautifully decorated in our earth friendly packaging.

“First of all I wanted to let you know how wonderful the boxed appetizers were for our retirement party.  Everyone loved them and the Keto boxes were so delicious. Thank you for adjusting your services to help make our small event a success and most of all safe.”